Decorative Concrete

If you’re building a home or simply adding a new driveway, walkway or patio to your existing home, Sagamore Ready Mix can help. Your project can achieve a higher level of beauty, functionality and gain resale value if constructed with decorative concrete. Decorative concrete includes everything from colored concrete to stamped or stained concrete, and it is today’s hottest trend in home design.

We invite you to learn more about all the beautiful options available by exploring our decorative concrete website at While there, you may view countless photos, read informative articles, and learn about our partner in decorative concrete, Butterfield Color. In addition to providing ideas, we can even help you find a contractor that specializes in colored, stamped and stained concrete. Visit The Concrete Store, located at 9170 E. 131st Street in Fishers to view samples of decorative concrete. Our store is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, although the outdoor display may be viewed at any time. Please contact our Decorative Concrete Manager at 317–570–6252 for more information.

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    Colored Concrete

    Integral Concrete Color adds a uniform hue throughout your entire concrete slab. Sagamore Ready Mix can blend colors at its Fishers location to create custom colors perfect for any concrete project. Integral coloring is an easy means of adding character with little additional labor expense. Colored concrete can be textured with anything from a simple broom finish to an elaborate stamped pattern.
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    A stampable overlay is a polymer-modified cementitious material ¼” to 1/2” in thickness applied over an existing concrete slab. Overlays can be colored, stained, stamped, and textured. A structurally sound base and thorough surface preparation are critical to the overlay process. See a photo gallery of concrete overlays.

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    Stamping, Stenciling, and Texturing

    Newly installed concrete or cementitious overlays can be imprinted with a variety of natural looking patterns using stamping mats, texturing skins, or stencils. Antiquing release agents, available in a variety of colors, are applied to the concrete surface to add dimension and create a more natural look. Shake-on Color Hardener applied to the concrete surface increases strength and durability while providing even more color options.

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    Acid stain penetrates the concrete surface and chemically reacts to create unique variegated effects. Due to the natural appearance achieved, acid staining is quickly gaining popularity. Because the color is achieved strictly by chemical reaction, each slab reacts differently depending upon its make-up and finishing technique employed. Any new or existing surface which is free of sealers, grease, or oil can be stained. Non-reactive stains are also available.

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    Concrete countertops are designed using Flat Out® Countertop Mix and Flat Out® Polymer. This mix is fiber reinforced, polymer modified and self-consolidating, designed for quick production of pan molded countertops, tabletops, panels, and other architectural pre-cast shapes and pieces.
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