Cold Weather Concrete


Cold Weather Concrete

When pouring concrete in freezing or near-freezing temperatures request: Arctic Guard 20° Plus from Sagamore Ready Mix. With Arctic Guard 20° Plus, your job can avoid lengthy delays related to cold weather. The cured concrete can remain uncovered and subjected to freezing temperatures indefinitely.


  • Warranted Winter Concrete
  • One Price
  • Can Be Placed in Freezing Temperatures
  • Lower Production Costs for Cold Weather Concrete Pours
  • No More Discoloration from Visqueen & Straw
  • Eliminate Calcium Induced Discoloration
  • Environmentally Responsible & Peace of Mind
  • Eliminate Labor, Material & Clean-Up Costs of Straw and Visqueen

Arctic Guard °20 Plus Guidelines

  • Temperature must remain at or above 20°F until initial set has been reached. This is 6 hours after placement is complete. Current weather condition will be obtained from
  • The slab cannot receive any precipitation during placement, finishing, and curing for 6 hours after placement.
  • Do not place concrete on frozen, frost or snow-covered subgrade. Consider the use of insulated blankets to prevent frozen base or to have available in the event of rapid dropping temperatures.
  • Concrete should be placed at the lowest slump possible. The slump shall not exceed 6” as tested by ASTM C 143.
  • Curing compound shall be applied immediately after finishing. Curing compound should be stored above 40 degrees to ensure proper application.
  • Exterior concrete must have adequate air entrainment levels. A minimum of 5% entrained air is required.
  • Hard troweled concrete must be protected from standing ice. Should some minor surface distress occur as a result from standing ice, the surface can easily be repaired by skim coating.
  • Be prepared for quick setting times. Concrete must be completely unloaded within 30 minutes after truck’s scheduled delivery time or 30 minutes after actual arrival time, whichever is later.
  • Order an adequate amount of concrete. If a “plus” load is sent, Sagamore cannot be responsible for any cold joint that may occur.


Sagamore Ready Mix will warrant the concrete against freeze damage when all of the correct procedures are followed. Sagamore cannot be held responsible for difficulty caused by not meeting the conditions outlined herein or defects due to poor workmanship. Surface defects caused by finishing error are not warranted. Sagamore reserves the right to have the true cause of any difficulties determined by accepted test methods.