Concrete Parking

Sagamore_concrete_parking_lotConcrete parking lots are more cost competitive than ever and deliver long-term savings in the future. Compared to traditional asphalt lots, concrete will not shove, rut, or produce potholes. It’s also more durable, meaning less maintenance over its longer lifetime. Concrete does not require seal coating or re-striping, which add to the costs of ownership. These costs combined with loss of business during maintenance make concrete an attractive, practical choice.

Concrete stays cooler in summer months, which reduces energy costs for surrounding buildings and reduces the “heat island” effect.  Savings on lighting costs and increased safety for vehicles and pedestrians are benefits of concrete’s greater reflectivity.

Because of concrete’s strength, concrete parking lots can likely be placed at equal or thinner pavement sections compared to asphalt depending on the amount and type of traffic anticipated.